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"Normal is an illusion, What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly" -Morticia Addams
Basically there is no normal to me! Enjoy.







This is Scarlett Johansson at a beach in Hawaii.

She is one of the most gorgeous women in the world and a huge sex symbol. She isn’t totally skinny, she only has a thigh gap if she stands with her legs apart and she has cellulite and stretch marks on her thighs and butt. Does she give a fuck? No!

Regardless of all this, she’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s nothing wrong with cellulite, or stretch marks, or not having a perfectly flat stomach, you are beautiful and these things are normal. 

I just wanted you all to see somebody who isn’t “perfect”, is still incredibly beautiful and doesn’t care about her stretch marks.

This legitimately just made me feel 1,000x better. I am a perfectionist about every aspect of my life, and sometimes it’s hard for me to recognize that nobody is or can be perfect.

I’m pretty sure I have reblogged this before but I just love this so much. Scarlett is one of my favorite women of all time. 

Scarlett is literally my favorite white woman tbph.

okay sure but stop taking pictures of celebrities in bikinis without their f*cking consent

Ok this comment is relevant why? ^^^

I feel a million times better about myself whenever I see this post. I love Scarlett’s booty and the fact that she looks like a normal human. Also…I LOVE that she has her septum pierced. 

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